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Diana Coatu

My name is Diana Coatu and I am a freelance digital artist. My passion for digital art has allowed me to explore the boundaries of my imagination and create a unique style. From abstract scenes to abstract to surreal faces with unique life stories, I am dedicated to creating artwork that will transport you into the world of my dreams.

I have so far participated in numerous international exhibitions, judged two competitions in India, appeared in publications and won four awards in international competitions. My artwork is inspired by a love of the complex inner nature and a desire to evoke emotion in the viewer. I invite you to explore my portfolio and get lost in the heart of infinity.

Art Enriches Lives

Science and art are the two poles that have marked my journey in my aspiration to understand the world and the universe. While growing up I have surrounded myself with art and art creators, such as painters, poets and novelists and have always been an avid consumer of art. This later fed my desire to create and to offer a different interpretation and perspective of my world.

My Artistic Journey

My artistic journey started in 2015 with a fascination for fractals, which I created with a complex software, JWildfire. I continued with mixed media and in 2019 I started focussing on digital painting, abstract expressionism being my favourite area. Between 2015 and today I have participated in numerous international exhibitions, have had the chance to be part of a jury in two art contests in India and won awards in art contests from Germany, the United States, Italy and Spain. 

On Drawing Inspiration

My inspiration is oftentimes directly connected to my imagination, subconscious but also to my view of the world. My artworks are very full of emotion and linked to my inner world. They aim to transport the viewer to an alternative world better than our world of injustices, oftentimes oppressive and limited. I propose to the viewers my dreams of beauty of other spheres, an artistic universe in which colours, textures and expressions are corridors to infinity.

First of all I try to create the right setting which for me consists of playing music or meditating during which I already start putting together a concept and visualising a first version which I then use as a starting point. By adding layers and creating textures I add different dimensions to my artworks which I don’t finish on the same day. In an iterative process I return to the artwork and add different elements until it reaches its final form. While creating, I feel connected to an infinite source of creative energy and sometimes in a dream-like state I work and lose the sense of time passing and don’t actively pay particular attention to the means of expression (brushes, textures etc.) and instead just follow the flow of energy while being sucked by the creative vortex. 

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